Application Instructions

Please be sure to include all information requested below, it is required by USDA to process applications.  All required forms are below in PDF format.

Club Roster: Names of dancers paying Insurance through your Club should be on this form, it should be signed, dated, and title of person signing form along with number of members at bottom. 1 copy

Club Members Insured through another Club: Names of dancers that are members of your club and pay the insurance through another club, along with the name of the Club they pay through. 1 copy

Additional dancer Enrollment form: This form is for new members added after the initial enrollment. 1 copy

Inspection of Premises: This form should be filled out and kept on the premises at all times during a dance.

Event notification and group travel: This is for Special dances other than regular dances, Nursing Homes, Demonstrations, etc. Group Travel would have to be at least 10 in a Commercial Vehicle with a Commercial License driver. I need to know when, where and the location.

Request for Certificate: This should be filled out if you dance in a different location other than your regular dance location. If you dance in one place and have a special dance at another location. 1 copy

Club Sponsored Class: a list of the names of Students should be sent as soon as the class is started. 1 copy.

Accident Report Form: This form should be sent within 24 hours of accident. Call to report ASAP then send the form. 803.397.4350.

Necessary Insurance Information should be filled out and sent along with the forms. This should include Club name, place of dance, day of dance, address of club dance, and Caller/Cuer. The President and their address and phone number along with the Federation Rep, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and their addresses and phone numbers. Click the button below to fill out the  “Necessary Insurance Information” form.

The cost for 2020 is $4.85 per person. No payment is required for students or members covered through another club. If a club has 1 to 9 members, the fee will be $45.00, and if a club has 10 or more members the fee is $4.85 X number of dancing members to be insured. DO NOT INCLUDE THOSE DANCERS COVERED THROUGH ANOTHER CLUB. Club dues are $20.00 to be sent at the same time.

Make check payable to: S C Square and Round Dance Federation and mail check to:

S C Square and Round Dance Federation Treasurer.

Also mail/email copies of forms to SC Federation’s Insurance Chairman/Chairwoman.

Click on any form to view / download

Questions and Answers

Question:  When does the accident medical coverage begin and end on a dance night or at any dance function covered by our insurance? Does it begin when you arrive on the property where the dance is held and end when you leave the property ? Is the parking lot a covered part of the dance location?
Answer: Accident Medical coverage for insured dancers begin when a dancer arrives at the facility where the dance is being held and ends when dancer leaves the facility.  Parking Lot is NOT covered.

Question: If the caller and his wife are listed as members of a club, should they be included on the membership roster of that club and enrollment paid to cover them. Usually the caller’s wife dances.
Answer: A caller and his wife who are members of a club and attend dances as a dancer would be listed on the club roster and a premium submitted.
Any dancer who is not a member of a club is not eligible for coverage under this policy. Insurance is GROUP COVERAGE BY CLUBS.

Question: If a club member or guest club member makes an announcement using the caller’s PA system equipment; and is injured during this time by becoming entangled in cords and trips or in some other way is injured while involved with caller’s equipment, are they covered by our Accident Medical coverage?
Answer: An insured dancer who substains an accidential injury at a sponsored and supervised dance is covered by the Accident Medical policy.

Question: Is the caller liable in anyway for allowing the use of his equipment?
Answer: Yes

Question: If the caller’s equipment is damaged by a club member, i.e. accidentally pulled off table by the microphone cord, is our insurance liable?
Answer: No. Caller’s equipment is covered by his insurance. Most callers are insured through their membership in Callerlab or the American Callers Association.