Hall Of Fame Nomination Form

The South Carolina Square & Round Dance “HALL OF FAME” was established in 1981 by the South Carolina Square & Round Dance Federation to recognize and honor dancers, callers and/or cuers, living and/or deceased, who have contributed to the Federation, their clubs, other square dance organizations, and square and round dancing through faithful and dedicated service and outstanding leadership.

A display case which houses the exhibit to honor the award recipients is located in the Hugh Dimmery Memorial Center in Columbia.

The Distinguished Service Award is for dedicated service and unselfish contributions to the South Carolina Square and Round Dance Federation and Square and Round Dancing in South Carolina.

Please be aware that the form below cannot be “saved in progress.”  You may wish to work on the narrative portions of this form with your choice of word processor so that you can save your work.  Once you’ve completed your work in your word processor, then copy and paste the information into the form below for electronic transmittal.